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a splinter in the heart

May 22, 2008

Just a few days ago, I found out on Facebook that a mere three months after our break up, my ex is now attached to the very girl who was a third party in my 4.5 years relationship with him. I certainly don’t dig him anymore but still, it hurts deeply.

It simply goes to show that despite both their claims of just being “friends”, the truth was far from that. Not only was I betrayed and lied to but it’s never a positive influence on a girl’s self esteem when she experiences being cheated on. Somewhere deep inside, she’ll always wonder if she was inferior in any way such that despite giving her entire heart and soul, another girl could come along and whiz her man away so easily. It didn’t help at all that my self esteem was already extremely low and something I struggled with constantly.

Once upon a time, I heard stories of friends being cheated on and my heart ached for them. I couldn’t imagine the hurt and most of all, the impact on their self esteems. I even recall telling my then boyfriend that it must hurt so so deeply that I would do anything to help ease their pain.

Life’s strange, isn’t it? The very thing you never expected would ever happen to you happens to you. And when it does, you have to pinch yourself to convince yourself that the experience is real.

Soon it was my turn to be cheated on and I cannot deny the splinter it has left in my heart and soul. After that first relationship and its painful end amidst violence and cheating, something in my heart has just died. As of now, I stand alone with my faith in relationships entirely demolished and my self esteem lying shattered into a million pieces. Still, life goes on and somehow, I have to move on from all the bitterness and pain.

What’s more, a dear guy friend recently realized that I was starting to develop feelings for him and our friendship has inevitably hit a low. I chide myself for it because a perfectly good friendship is now badly strained. Yet, all I can do at this juncture is to pray that our friendship will make it through this painful phase. As of now, the silence of my mobile phone and the distant replies are piercing the splinter deeper into my already reeling heart. I miss him very much as a dear friend. And why does it seem like a crime to appreciate and fall for a person?

Dear dear God, right now, I just pray with every part of my being that things will look up soon and most of all, that my friendship with that dear guy friend would make it through. Because friendship is so precious.


This is My Story; What’s YOURS?

May 10, 2008

Childhood – The Earliest Seeds

As an overweight kid, I could never escape the clutches of the Trim and Fit Club! Everyday, I had to report to a designated area in the canteen (in full view of other kids) where I spent recess with other overweight children like myself and the teachers would monitor whatever we ate. 

I was miserable because it was bad enough that I could never spend recess with my friends but on top of that, I had to spend recess with other overweight children in full view of the entire school!!! Even now, I remember crawling towards the Trim and Fit area ashamed, embarassed and feeling extremely small. After reporting to the teacher, I slunked in a corner hoping against hope to escape from notice.

Did this experience leave an indelible mark on my self esteem? Maybe; maybe not. But what I do know is that from a young age, I was different – because of my weight.

This went on for many years but the year I hit twelve years of age, enough was enough. The crash dieting began. Only one meal a day and I started running at a feverish intensity – once in the morning and once at night. Within months, I lost 11kg. Teachers began to worry and my parents were called in. But nothing could stop me. I was determined to do anything to be normal.

Over time, I eventually fell out of the Trim and Fit Club because I was not only no longer overweight but I was UNDERweight. And yes, I got my wish of finally being able to spend recess as a normal kid but it was never the same again. In my heart, I was an ugly duckling who had clamoured its way into the world of the normal. Although many boys started showering me with attention and I was nicknamed the belle of the school, deep inside, I would always be nothing more than an ugly duckling playing swan.

Rejection (s)

Of course other events continued to punctuate my growing up years but if I were to expound on all, it’d be a thesis!!! 🙂 Through it all, though, my self esteem remained extremely low. In secondary school (junior high school), I was actually a candidate for prom queen (surprise!!!) and I was doing well both academically and socially. But sadly, my self esteem never improved.

The huge blow came when I moved into junior college (senior high school) and started falling for this guy we shall name J. He was a very good friend and the feelings grew as we became closer friends over time. By this time, I had gained some of my original weight and was no longer the slim and beautiful prom queen candidate in secondary school. Instead, I was hoping to be loved and accepted for who I was. Fully aware that I was the girl-next-door kind of girl guys enjoyed having as a friend but rarely fell for, I knew better than to betray my feelings for J. Nonetheless, as a streetwise young man, he knew.

One day, I was returning to the classroom after visiting the restroom and only J and his friends were in the classroom at that time. None of them had any idea that I was there and as many normal growing up guys enjoyed doing, they were discussing girls. 

“J, I see you’re quite close to Mariko huh?? Any chance or not?? That you both will be together?”, J’s friend teased. 

Mariko? Oh please. I would never fall for her. She’s not even pretty and what’s more, she doesn’t play sports – So boring. She’s too fat for me too. I like slim girls with big eyes and long hair.” 

Thereafter, I stopped hanging out with J and his friends and I never spoke to any of them ever again. Did they ever find out that I had overheard their conversation? I will never know. But from that day onwards, the crash dieting and self mutilation began again. And till today, J’s words remain deeply ingrained in my heart.

Craving for love and acceptance, when I was slim again after several months of crash dieting, I started dating around and eventually landed myself in my first relationship. It was self affirming at first but the relationship winded to an end amidst violence and cheating after 4.5 years.

Today, I stand alone struggling with a staggering self esteem and a deeply wounded heart that has probably never healed completely ever since that day when I had overheard J’s comments to his friends.

The one important lesson I’ve learnt is : That we should never pin our self esteem and self worth on anybody other than ourselves. Because one day, that very person will disappoint us and we’ll only end up with more pain and an even more damaged self esteem.

Yes, this is my story – unabridged and painfully honest. What’s yours?