So, What IS the new SEXY?

The coolest thing about this blog is that it speaks to everybody and anybody  who has ever lamented on our modern society’s preoccuption with appearances or even wondered if there was anything you could do to make yourself more sexy, attractive and desirable. Maybe it was that intense work out regime or maybe it was that fruits and vegetables diet…

 Sure, self-help books and the Oprah Winfrey Show tell us to love ourselves for who we really are. Yes, we’d love to do that. But, tell us first, how do we disregard the onslaught of images everywhere we go? Of tall slim women endowed in the “right places” or of men showing off their six packs (oh wait, now they have eight packs!) everywhere in advertisements, magazines, movies, and the list goes on!

In the first place, what is the new sexy, really? Tall slim women and toned six pack men continue to grace the media. But at the same time, plus size female models and lanky less muscular men are beginning to gain popularity and presence! And, didn’t Italy and some of its European counterparts increase the minimum weight for their models not too long ago?

We’re a confused generation – On one hand, we abhor society’s preoccuption with appearances but on the other hand, we’re contributing to it by constantly wanting to enhance our appearances. What’s more, we can’t even agree on what the new sexy is!

So, what’re you waiting for? Join the conversation today! Share your experiences grappling with self-esteem issues and society’s obsession with looks, or tell us what you think the new sexy is! Perhaps, by joining the conversation and sharing our experiences and opinions, slowly, we can make that difference towards healthier notions of sexuality… It may take a while but how will we ever know if we don’t even bother to try?


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