Amazing Videos from the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty

First up, a poignant short film on the daily struggles of many girls who are still coming to terms with themselves amidst peer pressure and teasing.

And, next up, a powerful video that goes behind the scenes to show us that the glamorous models gracing the glossy pages of magazines could simply not even be real but mere products of photoshop and makeup. So we’re torturing ourselves by striving to meet beauty standards that are not even achievable or real!

Another very sweet video that reminds us that we all have at least one person in our lives who loves us very very much. And, although we may be berating ourselves for many things, in someone’s eyes, we’re simply beautiful and special just the way we are. If only we could see ourselves through their eyes…

Last but not least, a wake-up call that the beauty industry thrives on making us feel bad about ourselves…

Amazing videos by Ogilvy with very powerful messages. Keep up the great work, Dove!!!!


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One Response to “Amazing Videos from the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty”

  1. shoegazesessions Says:

    Hi I just wanted to say thanks for posting these videos- they cheered me up on a day that isn’t exactly the best. I think your blog is very interesting and that you’re brave to share your experience. I also had problems with weight issues as I was growing up, and of course that didn’t help my self-esteem one bit. Anyway I think I’ll be checking back on your posts from time to time, hope you don’t mind! 🙂

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