It’s All About the Shape Not the Size!

Ever had one of those days when you really wanted to buy something for yourself BUT after trying on rack after rack of clothes, nothing just seemed to fit right?  And the next thought that struck you was, “I really need to lose weight” 

Well, I have good news for you! Maybe you don’t have to lose any weight at all. Maybe it’s all about the shape and not the size! What exactly do I mean? That’s precisely why you have to read on – to find out! 🙂

In February of this year (2008), a Spanish research study was conducted on women’s body shapes and sizes! And, *drumrolls* the study revealed that the reason why so many women (40% of the women studied) are facing problems finding clothes that look good on them is that thus far, only the cylindrical body shape has been represented widely in the fashion industry. Doesn’t it make sense now that models, most of whom possess the cylindrical body shape, always look so good in almost everything?

So, what exactly is this cylindrical body shape that I’m talking about?  To get an idea about what exactly it is, all you have to do is to look at the image below! Presenting… Twiggy Lawson, the model who started the skinny trend in an era when curves were appreciated and celebrated! Her straight-down body shape is precisely what the study has referred to as the “cylindrical body shape”. And, no, don’t misunderstand – A cylindrical body shape does not have to be skinny. It’s a body shape not size across all sizes!

Unfortunately, the cylindrical body shape is only one of three body shapes that are prevalent among women, young and old. The two other body shapes identified by the study are the pear shape and the hour glass! Below is a pie chart on the proportion of women with each of the three main body shapes!

Next up are several charts on the proportion of women in each age group with each body shape!

12 – 18 years 


19 – 30 years

31 – 40 years

41 – 50 years

51 – 60 years

So, next time you start blaming your weight for not finding a blouse or skirt that fits, stop and think again. Because perhaps, “It’s all about the shape not the size”! And, that’s exactly what the fashion industry is gradually beginning to realize. It’s time – time they started accomodating other body shapes or face losing a sizeable market. What that means for us is that someday, hopefully, we’ll all have less problems finding something that fits nicely! 🙂

For more details about this study, you can access the full report here. But be forewarned that it’s all in Spanish! 🙂



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4 Responses to “It’s All About the Shape Not the Size!”

  1. sherms Says:

    Hey Mariko, enjoyed this post. Gave me hope that it’s THEM(i.e. the fashion industry), not me when I have to search a thousand miles to find the right pair of jeans.

    I’m probably a campana, so GOD, is it hard to find jeans that flatter and not make my hips look like my sole purpose in life is childbirth. And then secretly wanting to kick all those models in their skinny, size o, twig-leg jeans. grins.

  2. amal Says:

    that is so true , I have started to notice that , sometimes I buy a size bigger cos it suits me better .

    hey i think you should readmy other blog

    I am going to start updating it more often

  3. notjustskindeep Says:

    hey sherms!!!

    i’m glad my post gave you some encouragement :). it sure was enlightening and perspective changing for me too when i found out about this study! somehow it’s a girl thing to blame our bodies for something that happens to us like not being able to find the right cutting of jeans, etc… so it’s comforting when we realize that hey, it’s not us! i have to agree with that. 🙂

    and perhaps, it just goes to show that the next time we want to blame ourselves or our bodies for something, we should really stop to think again about other possibilities that can explain the predicament we are in. as this study has shown us, there are usually other contributing reasons and factors but we kick ourselves in the butt by being overly harsh on ourselves most times.

  4. notjustskindeep Says:

    hey amal!

    of course i will visit your new blog. in fact, i will do so now!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    yes i totally understand what you mean about buying a size bigger. and you start questioning if you’ve put on weight or you’re heavier than you should be when as this study has revealed, sometimes it really is a matter of body shape!

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