Make Peace with Your Body Today!

If you were thinking that the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty was the only corporation-initiated campaign promoting healthier notions of beauty and self esteem, think again! Because Seventeen, the world’s number one young women’s magazine has jumped on the bandwagon and joined in the cause!  

Not only has Seventeen developed a Body Peace Treaty which to date 32,042 young women worldwide have signed, it has also hired Jess Weiner, author and self esteem expert, to address the body image questions and concerns of young women from all over the globe! These questions and concerns are posted together with Jess Weiner’s replies on the Seventeen Body Peace blog and other young women worldwide can comment on these posts! What’s more, the Body Peace Treaty truly appeals to young women by allowing them to share the treaty on facebook, kaboodle and other “hip” websites and applications!

So, what exactly are the clauses of the Body Peace Treaty?

I vow to:

  1. Remember that the sun will still rise tomorrow even if I had one too many slices of pizza or an extra scoop of ice cream tonight.
  2. Never blame my body for the bad day I’m having.
  3. Stop joining in when my friends compare and trash their own bodies.
  4. Never allow a dirty look from someone else to influence how I feel about my appearance.
  5. Quit judging a person solely by how his or her body looks — even if it seems harmless — because I’d never want anyone to do that to me.
  6. Notice all the amazing things my body is doing for me every moment I walk, talk, think, breathe…
  7. Quiet that negative little voice in my head when it starts to say mean things about my body that I’d never tolerate anyone else saying about me.
  8. Remind myself that what you see isn’t always what you get on TV and in ads — it takes a lot of airbrushing, dieting, money, and work to look like that.
  9. Remember that even the girl who I’d swap bodies with in a minute has something about her looks that she hates.
  10. Respect my body by feeding it well, working up a sweat when it needs it, and knowing when to give it a break.
  11. Realize that the mirror can reflect only what’s on the surface of me, not who I am inside.
  12. Know that I’m already beautiful just the way I am.

Want to show support for this movement? Sign the Body Peace Treaty today!

Food for thought:

For so many years, as a leading fashion magazine for young women worldwide, Seventeen has played a quintessential role in shaping young women’s perceptions of beauty. And personally, I am very glad that Seventeen has joined in the cause because who better to change existing perceptions of beauty than the very people who had set them in the first place? The very fact that an “authority” for beauty issues is speaking out against existing notions of beauty is a powerful statement, indeed!

But, at the same time, in order to continue attracting advertisers, the magazine cannot afford to do away with the glamorous slim models they have always been using. Would this defeat the entire purpose of the campaign and in fact make young women skeptical about such campaigns in future?

Coming up next:

A ground-breaking Spanish study on female body shapes which may revolutionize the way clothes will be made and offered


A look into how perceptions of beauty have evolved over the years!

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14 Responses to “Make Peace with Your Body Today!”

  1. summerloving Says:

    great post girl! i really like the ‘body peace treaty’ thing… it’s really true! we should appreciate ourselves for who we are :):)

    see you tomorrow at our meeting!!!!! 🙂

  2. am Says:

    thank you for visiting my blog.
    In addition I’d like to say: our souls are needing to meal as our body.
    But what’s it?

  3. am Says:

    The pleasure of our body will go away.
    Let’s to see the reality.
    Let’s to see the power of spirituality.
    Let’s to be righteous.
    Excuse me.
    Bye for now.

  4. amal Says:

    thats so cool

    ”Never blame my body for the bad day I’m having. ”

    I do that all the time , when things go wrong in my life I start trying to lose weight and punish myself .

  5. am Says:

    thanks for replying good.

  6. am Says:

    please read my blog sometimes and leave your comment.

  7. yippiy Says:

    hi there, Mariko!

    i love reading Seventeen mag, i started reading when i was 15 years old..
    though i’m turning 21 soon, i’m still a fan of 17 mag. (:

    Initially, while flipping thru’ the pages of the mag featuring The Body Peace Treaty.. what caught my attention wasnt the treaty itself. But, it’s the pictures many many hollywood celebrities that signed this treaty.. Fergie, Ciara, Miley Cyrus, Carrie Underwoods, Ashlee Simpson, Leann Rimes etc……

    Before i continue, in case u’re wondering how i chanced upon ur wordpress… i simply Googled the key terms : Seventeen Body Peace Treaty and ur wordpress came out as the first few options. *congrats on your wordpress, Mariko.

    On a side note, i used to be overweight and i can totally understand the embarrasment of being a *ah-hem exclusive memver of TAF club during my primary school days. However, during my primary school time TAF club members are not allowed to eat anything during reccess, and we’re suppose to be doing our regular runsss.. Though this might be a rather effective way of losing weight, it’s certainly VERY unhealthy and it’s surely not the right way. Cause we dont get to eat for the whole day until 1plus 2 pm? My mom told me that after i got myself “enrolled” into the TAF club, i lost weight drastically and my face looks very pale.. To be exact, she said my face turned green. Yup, she went to my primary school and requested the PE teacher to removed me from this oh-so-“exclusive” club. I’m glad that this no-eating rule has been removed from many primary schools now.

    Therefore, when i read this treaty i strongly feel for each of the statements and thoughts of how i’m being ostrasized because of my size ran thru my mind. While i’m writing this, i can still clearly remmeber how it feels, i remmeber not wanting to go to school cause i’m fat, how lonely i felt in school and how empty i felt after school. this void cannot be filled by my family.. i would never want to feel that way again.

    I passed the copy of the treaty to my cousin, who is overweight and who still constantly faces critism on her size from her family. And after reading, her reply was “Amen”.

    Here’s something to share with you:

  8. derrickkk Says:

    yo yippiy, i came to know about this wordpress from googling too…. my gf made me do so.. she wanted to me to help her print out the treaty so that she can paste in her room..

  9. notjustskindeep Says:

    hey summerloving!! 🙂

    i’m glad you enjoyed the post!!! i agree with you that appreciating ourselves for who we truly are is soo important. otherwise, not only are we miserable but we make the people who are close to us miserable by never being happy which strains our personal relationships inevitably.

    see ya around babe and keep blogging! 🙂

  10. notjustskindeep Says:

    hey amal!

    i know what you mean about blaming our own bodies. 😦 i do that too. sometimes, when i feel disrespected by someone, there is this nagging voice in my head that blames it on my body size.

    yet, at the same time, i have personally met girls who may be on the plump side or who are not conventionally pretty but who are charming because of the confidence they exude.

    i guess it boils back down to accepting ourselves for who we are, loving ourselves and staying optimistic! 🙂 (though i admit that’s not always easy to actually perform!)

  11. notjustskindeep Says:

    hey yippiy!!!

    thank you for your really thoughtful and poignantly honest comment!

    i am so glad that i have found someone who shares my TAF club nightmares. isn’t it a relief that they have scrapped the TAF club program and replaced it with a general health program for all? not only does it save the kids from the humiliation of being in the TAF club, but it encourages all kids, thin or fat, to strive for good health, which is most important at the end of the day. it really is such a relief, isn’t it?

    and, i am mighty glad that various organizations and corporations such as dove and seventeen have taken the initiative to move society away from the preoccupation with unrealistic beauty standards. such preoccupations remain but these campaigns serve as the initial baby steps necessary for any change to occur.

    still, at the end of the day, as ghandi has said, perhaps, if we want to see a change in the world, the change has to begin within ourselves. so, as the body peace treaty has highlighted, the first step has to begin with you and i. we have to love and accept ourselves before we can expect society to love us all for who we are. maybe we all have to be champions of the cause by showing the world that even though we may not be any of the picture perfect models in the magazines, we will nonetheless love ourselves for who we are. 🙂

    i’m trying to do that. let’s all work towards that together, yea?

  12. notjustskindeep Says:

    hey derrickkk!

    yes!!! do print out the body peace treaty for your girlfriend! and simply let her know how much you love her every single day! and, you have no idea how much it means to her i am sure. 🙂

    do pop by whenever alright? not just when you need to print out the body peace treaty for your girlfriend. 🙂

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